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Dozen worst results of the 2016 presidential election


I am listing the things I find most repugnant about the 2016 presidential campaign, election, Trump, and the Republicans. This is by no means a comprehensive list. The items are in no particular order except for the first one. Each one of these points makes me angry, sick, frustrated, and confused about the country I thought I knew. Today I’ll list them, and in future postings I will discuss my opinion and reasoning. Not all my postings will be political, because that would get boring. But as I don’t expect the Women’s March for America will produce any tangible changes in political policy, I imagine these points will, sadly, remain relevant for a long time to come.

1. Overall demeanor of the campaign and election – crude, misogynist, bullying, hateful people willing to blame Hillary Clinton for everything under the sun. A huge segment of the American people is angry, against what I don’t know. I’m not sure they know. It’s some kind of white rage, I’m thinking. I believe the intelligence level of at least 30 percent of Americans is in the pea range.
2. The ugliness of Donald J Trump, and I’m not talking physical appearance.
3. “Never Trump” – what happened to that? Where are the decent, centrist Republicans? Apparently there aren’t any. Only sniveling, spineless, unpatriotic cowards need apply to the Republican Party.
4. Trump’s appointments, a scary and immoral group of ultra rich, naturally, who will stop at nothing to dismantle and tear down anything that takes their profits away.
5. Treatment of the press, Twitter and the rise of fake news, and the legitimization of the ultra right wing KKK and Neo Nazis – You’re comfortable that these people support you? What does that say about you?
6. New and approved treatment of women – the infuriatingly sexist pussy factor. Rapists, assaulters, batterers, harassers everywhere, celebrate your newfound freedom! See my posting PC MANIFESTO under MAD RAVINGS. Bet you can’t guess what PC stands for?
7. The Wall, Mexicans, and Muslims – fascist treatment of anyone who is not white, born in this country, English speaking, or Christian.
8. Campaign to repeal the Affordable Care Act – racist Obama-hatred pure and simple.
9. Defunding of Planned Parenthood and real threat to Roe v. Wade – women deserve health care options including reproductive choice and yes, abortion.
10. Attack on public schools. Are we kidding? This is the lowest of the low.
11. Climate change is NOT a hoax! The world would be laughing at you, except it’s not funny.
12. The Electoral College. Most biased political mechanism invented since gerrymandering. The vast majority held hostage by hillbillies. Help!