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Sea Salt Moon


Sea Salt Moon is dedicated to my brother David, who took his own life so very long ago. I remember him mostly as a child, years before the troubles began…



My fair lad, with pale gold hair
Slender and strong
Steadfast, faraway philosopher eyes
Look to the skies
Do you see that sea salt moon?
It hangs in the cloudy dusk
It floats right in front of you
It teases you with its fullness
Drawing you to the tides
To the hazy unknown yonder

Look out to sea
To the breakwater
To the dinghy boats
And wave worn yachts
Fishing fleet
And ferry on the distance shore

Keep to the horizon
Those white washed breakers
Wide open Atlantic
A chance to see
All the way to France

Take your turn
Poet, youth, love
Don’t be afraid
There is only today
Circle your strong arms
Around my waist
And hold me
We’ll guard each other
From sand fleas and green head flies
The squawking gulls
Dive bombing for fried clams
And dropped pieces of hot dog buns
Drowning tides

Look to the sea
Smell its promise, its vastness
Its allure
And dream great dreams

I want to go with you
Don’t leave me
On this perch of shore
Where titans meet
Sand and sea and time and weariness
Don’t leave me
To swat away those persistent gnats
To sweep gull droppings
From the gritty silver sand
To clear my lungs of frost cold spray

I want that sea salt moon
Just as much as you



In a Haze Drawn Moon

In a haze drawn moon
The kind that fills the soft blackened night
With golden cast
A moon moist with tears
Half hidden
In sultry, heavy briny vapors
Longing to be seen
Waiting, hoping
Teasing her way across the sky
In that light
I see your liquid face

In a haze drawn moon

The kind that dips her trails into the sea
Wispy floating trails
Connections to the deep
Holding the light close
Her steamy breath tangled
With the granite soil
Not letting go
In that company
I spy your fleeting smile

In a haze drawn moon

The earth and heavens sync
Each countering the other
Pulling, secret on the misty shore
In telescopic view
Changing, twisting jellyfish tendrils
The salt fog teases
Pushes back against the very
Queen of the universe

And the mighty orb allows it

She is pleased
With the drifting, wandering airy caresses
Those ether kisses
That tie and bind, and conceal
And then reveal her whole and shroud once more
No rhyme, no pattern
Just indulgent easy bliss
Serving her
Helping her command the tides
Drawing back again and again
Committing the earth to the sky
The deep to the beyond
Never to part

In a haze drawn moon

Within the unseen veiled reaches
I behold your starry eyes


My Wild River Chives


My core sings out for freedom

And the river responds
With harmonies so deep, so moving
I cannot speak
I cannot match its timeless rhythm sounds
Currents carry me along
The gray water rushing
Past lovely island outcrops
Filled with trebling birds
And sandy bass spits

I am not afraid
Of the wildness in the river
I see only the longing
The wanting
Not their defensive thorns
Heady beach roses, I see
Paired with oniony aromas
Only the steamy fragrance, I smell
Chives by the tidal waters
And honeysuckle
So open, so proud
Transportive in its directness
No games

And the shore lights up
With the future
Clouded with tiny whites
Mirroring the sky
Biding their time till June and July
When the sweet fruit
Explodes in the passion of an aging season
A chorded symphony
Answering to no one but themselves
And the noisy squawking mallards
And the humming bees
The lapping waters
The speckled rounded river rocks

My frame flows with the river
Emptying its essence into the sea

On its waters
I am finally independent
Silent, content
There is no holding back
With a river such as this
Its refrain so free
Its melody fulfilling
Like no other
Coursing, compelling, driven
No way to fence it
Its green shore grass
Blossoming purple for all to see
Giving the gift of happy resonance
Of tuneful vibrance
Of playful abandon
My wild river chives