Bitter Cold



The weather outside is frightful. Oops, those are lyrics from a popular holiday song. Let me start again. The weather outside is hateful…no, the weather outside is unbearable…no, it’s horrible…no. Let’s start all over. The weather outside is exactly what it should be for winter in northern climes. It’s difficult. It’s cold, frigid, frosty, snowy, icy, windy, freezing. My character Glory in PERSEPHONE IN HELL is somewhat more eloquent than I in her thoughts about winter. She’s hitchhiking her way to school, just got picked up by a trucker who is very pleased to host this gorgeous teenage girl in his truck.

“I’m so damn cold. Will spring never come? She closed her eyes, willing Persephone, the goddess of spring, to arise from the dead. Nothing happened.

Should know better than to trust in the gods. Maybe I’ll thumb my way to Florida.

Her fingers moved up and down her frigid skin, trying to create some heat. The trucker’s hand left the steering wheel and inched across the vinyl seat toward her. “It’s like ice in here,” he said softly so as not to disturb her reverie. “I can help with that.”

Glory gave up on the gods for the moment and stared out the steamed up window. She counted the side streets they slowly passed – Forest Street, Chestnut Street, Spring Hill Lane. Such vernal, innocent places, green and natural. Merry and naked, nothing like winter; no snow drifts ever on Spring Hill.”

Ah, just the thought of the idyllic Spring Hill makes me wish I could thumb my way to somewhere else. Anywhere else. A place where Mother Nature reveals her softer side on a more regular basis. Where ice is mostly associated with cream, and cold with beer. Where a young girl can walk to school past inviting green lawns. Where truckers drive on by and no one misses them. Where cool, invigorating winds come to visit but don’t stay long. Where without the crushing weight of a hard bitter cold, the spirit can float free.

3 thoughts on “Bitter Cold

  1. You make a good point. I didn't add in the minskirt part because I already mentioned it in my posting “Monday Mornings with Robin Hood”. Glory has her faults. One is her desire to look good rather than be practical. This is core to her personality, showing up even as a small child in the chapter ‘March.’ She wouldn't wear her mittens because they were orange and had a hole in the thumb. You'll find throughout that she is quite impulsive, never stopping to think of the consequences. I hope you keep reading more in my book to get a good look at all of Glory's peculiarities.

    Thanks so much for commenting, and stay warm!


  2. I like this excerpt, but I also like the part where Glory is walking down the snowy street in her miniskirt, brrrr…


  3. Very exciting…Jenna sent me the link to show me that you’ve finished your first novel. Kudos to you. What a great accomplishment.
    I plan to begin reading it today. I sure hope it is chosen for review.


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