snake pit


whoa. there be somethin crazy going round this day. man say, speak you mind, everyone important, everybody get a vote. no one so high his voice count more. everybody be the same. every snake in the pit be the same. so why you go and change the rules? why you think you better? where it say you better and we be trash? where you get nerve enough to walk out on us? like we be nothin, and you be the only man who counts. you know, the snakes, we be slippery. we all be slippery. we all be hungry, need to eat. we got fangs just like you. you watch youself and you ugly slippery behind. you watch you slithering bad ass. we know the rules and we be familiar with the pit. you can’t say we ain’t familiar with the pit, man. no need to be stupid. you been caught. you slinking slime games be over.

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