still the fear


you full of fuckin shit man. where you get off bein so noble? go fuck those asses. you know you want to. you don’t fool me. you just itchin for a fight so you can say you did you piece and it was me who wanted it over. you oh so noble, man. what, you done with me? how long you been bored to screamin? those bitches who want a piece o you ass, go get em. go get em, i say. don’t hang round here. you know you scared, you fearful. you so fuckin fearful. still that fear, man. drop that noble ass pretense o love. love is bullshit. you know what you want. girl here, girl there, girl in the bushes, girl with legs wrapped tight round you neck. go get it. i’m no fool, i know you been playin me. lose the act. come round to what you really want. fear go way when you get what you want. go fuck them round asses, boy. go do it. still the fear.

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